Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

SSTeMM responds to COVID 19 stresses with support area including podcast. The SSTeMM project is very conscious of the challenges of COVID 19. To this end the SSTeMM team on its website has set up a page of resources to support students and clinicians. This includes a COVID 19 survey for those who wish to inform us of their worries. A section which provides current published research on COVID 19. We also have a podcast and a video. Marie Carey, a member of the SSTeMM project team has recorded a podcast targeted at students and how they can manage their stressors both generally and specifically within the context of the COVID 19 pandemic (link). In addition to the podcast you can also see a video of one of our student nurses in Spain reflecting on her experience of working in clinical placement during COVID 19 (link). We have also partnered with a range of international partners, led by Taiwan National University,  in a survey instrument to capture COVID specific stresses (link).